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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Like Moonlight at Low Tide by Nicole Quigley

Today I am reviewing Like Moonlight at Low Tide by new author Nicole Quigley, Due to some content, I would recommend this book for young people age 12 and over. It would probably be more enjoyed by girls than boys.

The story unfolds as told through the eyes of a bullied teen forced to face harsh reality when tragedy strikes. I was hooked on page one, where the author foreshadows the future, then familiarizes the reader with “Messy” Missy Keiser, an insecure teen who returns to her school in Florida after three years away, anticipating encounters with the same cruel classmates who inflicted hurtful emotional wounds.

Things have changed, though, and Missy finds herself accepted by peers and even enters into a relationship with the boy of her dreams. The blossoming teen also forms a shaky alliance with the boy next door, who forces her to search within herself for a deeper understanding of what is really important.

Characterization is one of the strong points of this book. The author probes the mind and heart of many of today’s teens as she paints a picture of a broken home, an inadequate mom, and an economically struggling family.

The plot builds to a conclusion that is not easily envisioned, yet brings the reader to a satisfactory end. Each scene serves to move Missy Keiser along on her journey to maturity as she discovers the meaning of life, relationships, 

Find Nicole's book here. 

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Janet K. Brown said...

Sounds good, Patti & Nicole. Good luck

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