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Fall 2010

Our first issue! A magazine by young people to inspire young people. Includes an interview with 13 year-old author Kayla Woodhouse, original writings by young people, and writing advice by author Susan Miura.

Winter 2010

Interview with Olympic ice skater Rachel Flatt, poetry, art, and short stories from youth authors, as well as a mentorship article from Joy Keiffer, former editor of J.A.M. Magazine.

Spring 2011

Spring is in the air! It’s time to think of Easter joy and Mom’s love. Find these here and much more as told through the eyes of today’s young people. Features an interview with Rebecca Phillips, manager and first violinist for the New World String Quartet as well as great ideas about the profit in letters of praise from our adult mentor, Denice Baldetti.

Summer 2011

Learn some great tips to enter our annual STARBRIGHT Novel Writing Contest from eighteen year-old multi-published author Riley Carney. Read about current events, celebrate Father’s Day, and catch the spirit of patriotism as our nation’s birthday draws closer. Enjoy poems, essays, and short stories by talented young writers.

Fall 2011

Starsongs, the magazine for kids by kids, celebrates its first birthday with contests, short stories, poetry, and more. Read about 12-year old Ashlee Smith, who followed her dream to heal the hearts of hundreds of hurting kids. Features an article on creating real characters by author Shellie Neumeier. Includes a tribute to 9/11 as America observes the anniversary of this horrific event.

Winter 2011

Interested in Anime? You will enjoy our exclusive interview with 9-yr old Anime dance champion Sterling Williams. Did you know December marks the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party? Read a clever, creative essay about this historic event. Ever wonder about llamas? Learn from the “Llama Lady”. Starsongs, the magazine for kids by kids, celebrates the holiday season with an eclectic collection of original short stories, poetry, and essays.

Spring 2012

Interview with Extraordinary Kid: Kadi Tiede, a high school student with her own photography business. Find  original short stories, poetry, and photography. Remember the tragedy of the Titanic and explore history with this issue of Starsongs


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