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Patti Shene, Executive Editor
Patti’s passion is to mentor young writers. As Vice President of Written World Communications, she supervises the company’s YA division. She serves as Executive Editor to Starsongs Magazine, a general market publication for kids by kids ages 9-19.  Patti considers each manuscript for potential publication if a writer is willing to accept constructive criticism, follow guidelines, and work to strengthen the quality of his/her work. Patti is published in Gary Chapman and James Stuart Bell’s Love is a Verb Devotional. She has had work accepted for their soon to be published anthology Angels, Miracles, and Heavenly Encounters:Real-Life Stories of Supernatural Events.

Madison Gonzales, Assistant to the  Executive Editor of Starsongs
Madison Kaycie-Mae Gonzales is ten years old and is the Assistant to the Executive Editor of Starsongs. She loves to dance, write, read, play sports, and have fun with her friends and family. Being an only child, she has lots of interesting adventures and fun activities in her life. In the future she would like to be a veterinarian and writer/artist.

Jacob Hutchison, Starsongs Intern

Jacob Hutchison is a freshman from Southeastern Colorado. Jacob lives with his mother, Christine, sister, Stephanie, and father, Derek. He enjoys writing, all types of sports, and spending time with his family and friends.  He is also a member of his high school’s Forensics team where he performs duo interpretation skits.  Jacob has been writing poems and stories since the third grade. He wants to pursue a career as an author.  

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