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Friday, December 3, 2010

Keeping in Touch

As executive editor to Starsongs magazine, I'm learning new things all the time. As I learn, I want to pass the information on to you, my readers. I still don't know who you are, but that is all right. I get the reports every week that tell me someone is reading this blog. Even if only one person reads and benefits from it, it's worth the time it takes to think about and type every word!

A writer who is waiting to hear from an editor about their submission can experience a considerable amount of frustration. You work so hard on a story, poem, or essay and send it off, then wait with bated breath to hear something positive. I make it a point to acknowledge every submission I receive so the writer isn't wondering for months if their work is floating around lost forever in cyberspace.

However, I also allow myself six to eight weeks to respond with a positive or negative about a writer's work. There is a reason for this. Right now, we are in the last stages of putting together the winter issue of Starsongs. Therefore, the work that will appear in that issue needs to take priority.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't check for an email from the editor for several weeks, however! I respond to most of my writers within a much shorter period of time than that projected six to eight week period of time.

Once an editor accepts your work, keep double checking for communication. Even though a piece may be already contracted, there may be something else the editor needs. Final layout may require the editor to alter your work in some way, and he/she may want to make you aware of any last minute changes.

Sometimes, if you have sent your bio, it may need tweaked or the editor may request more information. Maybe the picture you sent isn't quite right, or there may be a question about your contract.

Yes, the frustration of waiting for an editor's response can be nerve-racking! However, check your email frequently. When an editor does send a message, it's usually for good reason that most likely requires an answer from you!

Happy writing!
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