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Alex A is a fifth grader at Pine View School in Osprey, Florida. He received an honorable mention for a short story contest in 2007 for a piece about friends in the Grand Canyon. He enjoys swimming in his free time. Alex also likes to bike along a trail near his home.

Grace L. started writing poetry when she was twelve and prose at thirteen. At the age of fourteen, Grace completed her first manuscript for a novel. She has been writing ever since. Currently, she is eighteen and lives in Canada with her family of four brothers, three sisters, two cats, one dog, and a parrot. Grace is a junior editor for a magazine entitled Homeschool Horizons. Grace writes because she feels words to be a powerful and needed way to affect the world for good. 

Lydia H is twelve years old. She is homeshooled and is in 9th grade. She lives in Pennsylvania with her parents and six of her eight siblings. She loves to read, write, sing, and draw. Her hope is to become an author and an artist someday.

 Marshall O lives in Delaware. He is the youngest of five children. He loves old quotes and sayings. He is in the tenth grade. He is 14 years old.

Mary Kate C, a home-schooled high schooler, loves to write, read, swim, and spend time with family, friends, and God. Her first published work appeared in Starsongs magazine. This inspired her to enter more contests and submit more writing to a variety of publishers. One day Mary Kate hopes to publish her novels. In the meantime, Mary Kate trudges on through a dark forest she calls The Woods of Academia and a workload she frequently refers to as Mount Schoolia. 

 Megan S. is 15 years of age and attends high school in Minnesota. She lives on a pumpkin farm with her mom, dad, and little brother. She enjoys writing and photography.  She intends on going to college and eventually becoming an English teacher, or possibly a writer.

Rebekah H is nineteen years old and lives in western Pennsylvania. She is the middle child in a family of nine children and has enjoyed all the fun growing up in a large family brings. Becky has been writing poetry since third grade and discovered how much she loved it. She is now graduated from her homeschool as of this past May, but continues to enjoy writing.

Riley C lives in Colorado with her Mom, Dad, sister, and her adorable dog, Cabo. Her passion for writing started in the first grade and continues today. She enjoys waterskiing, karate, biking, fishing and soccer. She also loves to sing, play guitar and play piano. Most of all Riley loves the Lord with all her heart.

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