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Starsongs 2011 Tritina Contest winners

Abraham Lincoln
by Connor Montgomery

You stood beside us every day
Thousands were buried in the earth
Freedom was our duty and right

We fought for what we knew was right
Thousands of us fell day by day
As slavery defiled the Earth

Were these the final days of Earth
Where liberty here had no right?
Yet you stood strong through night and day

We will remember every day how you kept freedom on this Earth, for it is our duty and right.

by Olivia Comer - AGE 15

We need to began to live
A love filled life
To know of this love.

For Him, in this life,
We must get to know the love
He had for us to live.

Because One who showed love
Came to Earth to live:
One who gave His life.

Live a life of love.

by Emily Comer - AGE 13

It has come
To look, and find:
Searching for me.

It takes me
To come
Help it find.

We can't find.
The search is up to me
With days to come.

Come find me!

Life’s Mystery
by Kristin Noller

Where I’ll go is a mystery
Where I’ve been is all that I know
And that there are problems to solve

But if I desire to solve
My life’s most complex mystery
I must realize there’s not much I know

And to leave the path of what I know
May not my questions solve
But life’s meant to be a mystery

A mystery that I know will solve itself

Our American Flag
by Hope Schmidt

Our flag has stripes of red,
And stars of white
On a field of blue.

The fifty stars of white
Are united on the blue,
While the colonies are symbolized in stripes of white and red.

Justice is portrayed by blue;
Courage is depicted in red;
Purity is pictured in the while.

Red, white, blue.

The Bright Light Home
by Kristin Noller

Stand tall, stand bright
Oh shining light
And be the beacon home

We feel at home
When you glow bright
You are our guiding light

Without your light
We'll not get home
We need you shining bright

Be bright and light the way home

The Cat's View
by Phoebe Davis

Bold and fearless I hunt
Helping me walk straight is a lashing tail
Creeping low with soft paws

No one can hear my paws
No one sees me when I prowl and hunt
No one spots my tall tail

You dodge around my tail
You would step on me if not for quick paws
The same that help me hunt

I hunt with tail tucked, creep on quiet paws.

True Friendship
by Kaylie Hathaway

True friendship could perhaps be the greatest gift,
One to be treasured and not taken for granted,
One to hold onto tightly, don't let it slip away.

For we all know we can easily let it slip away
And lose our most priceless and profitable gift,
All because we were flimsy and took it for granted.

But if we take care to not take it for granted
And do our best to not allow it to slip away,
Then we ourselves have a rare and timeless gift.

Don't take this gift for granted, and it won't slip away.

by Harrison Lanum

At the end of time, eternal,
whispers of ages past,
float by as faceless echoes,

And as the crumbling echoes,
fall into night eternal,
And all the future fades to past,

No more the future, only the past,
No more the faceless echoes,
Naught but the void, the void eternal

Beyond the end of time, eternal,
the future is past and the past is an echo.

Our Tritina contest winner was Kaylie Hathaway. Her Tritina, Beautiful, appeared in the Fall 2011 issue of Starsongs. Congratulations Kaylie!

by Kaylie Hathaway

We're all so focused on how we look,
We don't even bother with the inside.
Isn't that the most important part?

We cry about the outward, fading part
When God doesn't mind how we look:
He cares if you're beautiful on the inside.

Should we not pay attention to the inside?
Everyone's appearance will one day part,
What is forever is not how we outwardly look.

Look at your inside, the part that needs to be beautiful.

Thank you to all of our entrants for participating in our Starsongs tritina contest.

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