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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who Are You?

Every week, I receive a report on the number of people who have visited my blog. Used to be just a few, hardly worth mentioning. Lately, the numbers have increased significantly. I seldom see any comments, though, which does not surprise me. I read several blogs throughout the course of the week where I don't necessarily leave a comment. I may email the person directly in some cases.

My question to my readers is this: Who are you? I'd love to know who is reading my posts and if they are helpful or entertaining not. Are they too far apart (probably!). Is there any particular topic you would like to see covered on this blog? Even if you are one of those people who assume I know you read my blog, send me a line or two anyway.

Either speak up in the comments section or drop me an email at pattishene(at)pattishene(dot)com. Doesn't have to be elaborate and if you don't want to answer the above questions I posed, that's fine as well. I'm just curious to know who all is out there in cyberspace that stops by!

Thanks for reading my blog.

1 comment:

Alex Anacki said...

Hi, it's Alex. I like your blog. :)

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