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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where Did They Get That Idea?

Ever read a really good story, then wonder where the idea for it came from?

Where do authors get those ideas?

Ideas are all around us.

Take a look at your friends and imagine how they would handle different situations.

Listen to a conversation held in a public place, like the grocery or convenience store. Even though you may catch just a snippet, you can build a situation where that conversation would fit and write your story from there.

Think of a conflict or problem you have encountered in your life and how you solved it, then make up a story about it.

Write about a place that you know about, such as your home town or somewhere you have visited on vacation.

Create a fantasy world of your own!

Take incidents that have happened to you and add a few fictitious characters.

There are always interesting stories that can lead to great ideas on the news and in the newspaper.

Talk to a person who has a unique interest or hobby.

Build a story around a special event in your town or tradition in your family.

Just remember that fiction is not true, so don't use real people in your stories without their permission!

We'll talk about developing characters for your fiction stories next time.

Happy writing!

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