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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Before You Submit - Part I - Editing

You’ve written a story, a poem, or an essay that you believe is good enough to get published. Before you prepare to send it to an editor, check it, double check it, and recheck it.

Make sure all of your words are spelled correctly.

Be careful about words that sound similar but have a completely different meaning, such as since and sense.

Use the proper meaning of homonyms, such as to and too, or there and their.

Check for appropriate punctuation and paragraphing.

Rework long sentences.

Check for proper verb tense.

Now that you have made corrections, you’re ready! Right?

Not necessarily.

Your family encourages your future as the next great American writer and your friends adore your work. However, your writing or English teacher isn’t quite so enthusiastic.

Take the advice of people who have the experience! Chances are, your teachers have seen hundreds, maybe thousands, of works by students and are widely read among the professionals. They know what stands out above the rest. Listen to their advice and make the changes they suggest.

Happy writing!

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